It can be said that you enjoy being parents and rightly so. You love to spend time on your kids and do all you can to make them feel happy and satisfied. But, can you claim to know your child as you love to? If so, how much do you know about child psychology? Perhaps this question is difficult to answer for most parents out there and rightly so. After all, not all parents know about the psychology of children. Though some like to do their own research and come up with interesting theories and answers, they are not psychologists, which is why it becomes necessary to know as much about your child as possible. Many parents tend to scold and abuse their children often for no apparent reason. This is something must be stopped, as children who are abused more frequently, begin to develop negative emotions related to their parents, or the one who abuses them more frequently. In all likelihood, you would not want to become that parent right? To make things work, you should get in touch with a child psychologist in Abu Dhabi so that you know more about your child than you had ever known. The psychologist will provide excellent therapy and treatment to the child, but at the same time, he will urge you to practice restraint when dealing with the child.

Listen and respond properly

Your child is like a computer who keeps learning things you tell and do. He will do things differently than what you had advised him to some times, so don’t become angry and take it with patience. Keep in mind that you are your child are two different persons. This is something that many parents either fail to understand or they simply overlook it. Know that your child is not the extension of your personality. Yes, he is your kid, but he may well be different from you in many ways. As parents, you need to understand their requirements and reciprocate to their behavior with tolerance.

Be supportive

If your child complains to you about someone or something, listen to him properly and respond accordingly. Your child needs your attention, and you should provide him that. Take him to a psychologist if you feel like he may be suffering from anxiety related issues. Don’t let him know, but discuss the condition with the professional and urge him to provide anxiety counselling in Abu Dhabi.