Power of attorney Abu Dhabi is a special kind of legal document which is used when one person wants to convey his rights and duties to another person without giving the original ownership to him. In this who is giving the authority to other is identified as Principal and to whom the authority is given identified as the Agent. This involves a legal process and because everyone does not know about the complications of legal matters there is several service providers are available to help people do this task without hassle.

There are also some restrictions about age limit, mental and physical health due to the intensive nature of these contracts. A person must be of 21 years old and above in order to become qualified for the role of agent. Agents also have a sound mind i.e, he must be able to understand about the contract, also can make decisions on his own and can protect the property for which he is going to be an agent. Physical health does not really necessary but it must be assured that the agent is not using any kind of drug because if he is using then it can impair his ability to think and decide vigilantly for certain period of time.

There are three type of power of attorneys which you can find out here:

General: It is a type in which principal authorize his agent some general kind of powers for a certain period of time in which he will be unable to handle his own property for any reason. These reasons can be personal, going out of town or any kind of health issues etc.

Special: In this there is a specific task which is assigned to the agent and he cannot do anything beyond what is assigned to him in contrast to general where agent can make his own decision if he feels that they are good for the principal.

Eternal: This kind of attorney is authorized to the agent as permanent if the principal feel that he will be unable to handle his business or financial matters in future due to mental or health issues. This authority can be given to any member of family, peers or anyone whom the principal can trust.