Are you trying to build a career in fashion and design? If so, you are about to embark an interesting journey. Fashion and design are extremely interesting industries to work in and while your country may not provide you with enough opportunities, Dubai will. Based on the culture of Dubai, a lot of people assume that fashion or design is not so popular careers over there. Yet, they could not be more wrong. Dubai not only has wonderful career opportunities in these fields but also offers a good education. Here are some of the reasons why you should study fashion and design in Dubai.

Reason#1 Diversity

Successful fashion designers share something in common, they are exposed to different cultures. You can never know where the inspiration will come from and how you will create your next piece. Well, Dubai definitely does not lack cultures, which serve as inspirations. Moreover, after graduation, you won’t just know the local fashion trends but also international ones. The market out there will definitely appreciate it and have a place for you to work.

Reason #2 Dubai has the perspective of becoming a fashion capital

We all know how struggling it is to get into a fashion school in Paris or Milan, plus , it’s extremely expensive. How about a city, which is not a fashion capital yet, but by the time you graduate, it will be? Dubai is that city, you won’t have to pay skyrocketing tuitions and it is not extremely hard to get accepted, so it’s a win-win. Besides, Dubai offers you new insights to fashion. You won’t have to stick to the conventional trends or methods. In Dubai, you are free to unleash your creativity, make mistakes and at the end, come out as a great and experienced fashion designer.


Reason #3 Dubai is a perfect place to study abroad

Dubai is a perfectly safe place for students to study. The high standards of living will assist the learning process of the students. Your only focus will be your studies in fashion. Besides, you will be living in a dream city, where inspiration is in every corner and as a fashion designer, you will need that quite a lot.


3 wonderful reasons that basically scream study in Dubai. The fashion industry is an exciting field to study, double it by studying in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.