Kids are born with innate appreciation in the Arts. During infancy, they learn to appreciate colors and as they transition to toddler years, some of these kids try to express their emotions through simple stick drawings and color. Although some of the kids got over their art appreciation, some kids pursue their passion in for the Arts. Parents of the latter find that their kids are more in tune with their emotions and more perceptive.

Here are some tips for parents to encourage their little ones to pursue their artsy passion:

  • Start them young

A lot of experts say that toddlerhood is the ideal time to introduce the kids on certain skills and hobbies, as during this age that their curiosity is at its peak. So, if you want your kid to be an art-loving individual, take full advantage of this window of opportunity. As early as the age of 2, engage your kids to simple arts and crafts. A simple finger painting can help develop his/her visual sensory and also helps him/her to identify colors.

  • Take them to museum trips

Exposing your kid to the works of famous and up and coming artists is also another way to interest them in the Arts. Take your kid to local museums, especially the child section. He/she will be able to see the body of works by young artists. Every art school in Dubai holds exhibit for the audience to see. Take advantage of that too. But don’t just show your kids the artwork. Ask them about their opinions about the masterpiece and do they see on these works of art.

  • Do arts and crafts with your kid during free time

If you have nothing to do at home, grab this opportunity to introduce your kids in the Arts. Schedule a regular arts and crafts session at home, like a mini Art class to further interest them in this field. Try to make the activities different each session so your kids can experience other mediums.

  • Invest in art pieces

If you are keen on getting your kids interested in the Arts, one thing that might engage them is seeing stunning pieces all the time. Maybe you can hang a wonderful painting in your living room or some art pieces as a decorative accent. Not only it will add curb appeal to your home, it can also inspire your kid to pursue his/her passion in the Arts.

  • Enroll them in an art summer camp

If your kid continuously expresses his/her desire in the Arts, maybe you can further his/her interest by enrolling him/her in an drawing classes. This holistic therapy provides not only basic art training but also promotes self-development.