If you are looking for properties to rent and see if moving out from your previous place will work then you must be consulting real estate company in UAE to know your options better. But all these options can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to choose from, so here is a list of things that you must look for in a property so that decision making becomes easier for you.


Location plays a key role when you are looking for a place to live at. You must be searching for a place which is near to your teaching institutes, office or even near a shopping mall and that is why location matters. Sometimes the place may not be well furnished or the space may not be up to your point but because of its perfect location you will have to pay more than you would be paying for a much larger place outside of area.


Renovations matter a lot. Even if you are renting that place instead of buying it as your own, you would still want it to look new and fresh instead of compromising scribbles on walls or broken windows which ruins the mood of the place and makes you feel like living in a dungeon. But if you want to compromise for a less furnished place it is likely that you will have to pay less than its usual cost. This is why renovations hold importance which means that even a single coat of paint can get the place looking all shiny and new instead of renting it out without any of it.

Also remember kitchen and bathroom renovations are very important because these two elements are what makes a place worthy of calling home.

Car Parking

We cannot forget your lovely cars which carries you from place to place and holds equal importance in your family. If you are looking for a property for rent in Dubai you cannot forget that your car also needs a place to be parked at. An on street parking spot will also work if you don’t find a place with a garage or driveway as long as you know that your car will be safe in that position.