IVF is a process suggested by several urologist in Dubai to those who are not able to conceive due to some problems or medical conditions. This process is carried out by infertility clinics in Dubai helping you navigate and understand the process thoroughly.

IVF though, widely known can still have a certain success rate as it depends on a few factors which can cause its fail. Your reproductive history matters a lot. If there are a few such medical cases happened in your past which made you infertile then it decreases the chances of its success but don’t be disappointed as there are few precautionary measures which can be taken to avoid that risk, Your maternal age and lifestyle also plays a huge part in determining the rate of succession of this whole process and remember that pregnancy rates are not the same as birth rates as well which can simply mean that even if you are successful in getting pregnant it does not mean that it is going to last.

The success rate is usually classified by age in US which determines that which age group of women have been able to carry out and be mothers. The list starts from age 35 and goes up to age 40 with difference of two years in between and its success rate decreasing as time passes. The rate of succession was never 100% and maybe will never be. The success percent starts from 43% and keeps decreasing to 13% depending on the age.

Another plus point of this process is that you can choose a donor to donate you sperm or eggs depending as per your requirement. Make sure that you thoroughly go through all legal issues and documents and talking to some real life donor experienced people as they can guide you through the processes and even tell you about the risks and issues which may be involved or concerned. There are legal rights of a donor as well and there are a few other things that you must be aware of.

Even if you are not successful in the first try then don’t be disappointed as there are several more tries left and you can go through it again if you have the strong will power and determination.