You must have heard about autism, as a parent you must be very concerned about the health of your kids. If you are a mother then surely you are more concerned about the health of your children. Parenting is really exciting but yes it comes with responsibilities. You have to take care of your baby’s health properly. Especially when it is your first baby then you have to be a little more careful.

Autism is spreading worldwide; the symptoms of autism varies greatly. Different kids show different symptoms of autism. There is autism treatment for kids in Dubai, first you need to identify whether the kid is suffering from autism or not. Within the first few months some kids show the possible symptoms of autism but yes in some cases symptoms are not so obvious. In some cases a child doesn’t show any symptom of autism until a year.

There are children that seem normal around 24 months of age but yes then stop learning the new skills or start forgetting the previously learned skills.

There are some possible symptoms of autism; these symptoms are the red flag for you. If you see any of those symptoms in your kids then it is possible that your child is suffering from autism.

The possible signs of autism are:

Usually babies show warm gestures, they smile at you, they give you a shy smile, they hug you, and you get to see a lot of lively expressions of babies. Even your kid mingles with the other people and they get to see the joyful expressions. Usually a kid starts showing such expression when he turns 2 months. If your kid doesn’t show such expression by 6 months then surely it is a red flag for you, if he doesn’t show you those joyful expressions when he turn 6 months then you have to get him checked

Kids do make eye contact with people. Especially with parents, they love to stare at their parents. If you experience that your child has turned 6 months but not making any eye contact with you then you have to have to count it as a symptom. It is advisable that you get him checked by any pediatrician.

With passing time a kid learns to communicate, he communicates with his body language, if he wants something he learns to point at the thing he wants. Moreover he learns to wave, if your kid is not showing you any verbal communication when he gets 12 months old then do take it as a symptom, go to the pediatrician and get him checked.

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