There are some institutes which are certified from the ISO 45001 2018 and provide internal auditors training for the new entrants to this field. They offer different kinds of course specialization in which they train you and give you further understandings other than what you learn during your course study.  But there are few questions which you should ask before selecting any institute to get training. These questions are written below:

Are they providing necessary skills? You have to know that the selected institute is giving you some extra skills or not. If it is giving you the ordinary bookish knowledge then you should not go that because you already have the bookish knowledge which you learn from your degree course so it has to provide something extra.

Are they giving you real life experience? It has to give you the opportunity to get some hands on experience through the real life problem solving. It has to give you the environment where you will get the mockup of a real situation and then the trainers will help in going through the process.

Do they have experienced trainers? There is a difference in teachers and trainers. All the trainers are teachers but not all the teachers are trainers. You trainer should be well experienced in training auditors. A trainer will give you the situations are problems from real life which are somewhat different from the situations and problems you learn in your books. The trainer will then help you in solving them and provide you the opportunity to think creatively and will encourage you to apply your bookish knowledge in your own unique way. A trainer should be the best motivator who will encourage you and will never let you feel low when you encounter any problem due to your any decision.

Are they providing best knowledge in reasonable charges? Each institute will have different charges for different durations. Some will offer a three months full house training  while others will offer six months training including academy time and hands on knowledge. The decision is yours. You should go for the one which you think will give you more benefit. Also make sure that they are charging the reasonable amount. If they charge more for a six months training then you can go for the three months training.